2019 Soap Box Derby Results

Childrens Race Results

First Childrens Race EntriesAge GroupTeam NameOverall4 to 78 to 11Extra Awards
Sebastian Jeffrey & Domenic Hines8-11The Simpsons11
Flynn Kneebone & Seth Bannister8-11Small Blacks22
Polly Kneebone & Bea Bannister8-11Hogwarts Express33
Emy Taylor & Tom Taylor8-11Pop Gun4
Samuel Pryke & Jacob Pryke4-7Pika Prykes51
Emily Harris & Charlie Harris8-11The Scooby Gang6
Jack Baskeyfield & Ben Page8-11 Hot Dogs7
Sophie Abell & Lizzie Abell8-11Girl Power8
Lloyd Preston & Will Preston8-11Team Raider Jr94
Daisy Evetts & Lola Gibson8-11Battle Bus10Fancy Dress Winners
Olivia Harrington & Holly Spence8-11Unicorn Storm11
Charlie Evetts & Ben Harrington4-7ArleyBen122
Riley Fennelly & George Berthoud4-7The Incredible Boys of Chesterford133
Second Childrens Race EntriesAge GroupTeam NameOverallExtra Awards
Thomas Papworth & Ewan Graftham-Karp12-15Air Cadets1
Sergio Arcidiacono & Sam Burnell12-15Scrap Metal2
Cameron Spence & Benjamin Spence12-15The Must Dashers3
Lloyd Preston & Will Preston12-15Team Raider4

Adults Race Results

Adults Race EntriesAge GroupTeam NameFinishing PositionExtra Awards
Duane Webb & Marco ArcidiaconoEliteHexcel Racers!1Phill Hill Cup
Nic Hill & Scott LindsellAdultsPhill Hill's Army2
Daan Somers & Paul ZwekarsAdultsThe Dutch Duo3
Liam Camp & James ReedAdultsMr B and Noel4
Jeff Hall & Lee BurdettAdultsPeasgood & Skeates Racing5
Gary Taylor & Zoe TaylorVeteransPop Gun6Over 50's Cup
Evee Ford & Amber MillsAdultsServices, Machinery & Trikes7
Jacob Burrows & Will BurrowsAdultsD-Day Dashers8Constructors Plate
David Brown & Ian BrownAdultsBack to the Barleycorn9Fancy Dress winners
Kevin Foot & Pam FootAdultsTeam Plough10Wooden Spoon Trophy