Adult Race – Participants Rules

  • The race starts at the John Barleycorn Public House and will finish at The Plough Public House (see route map)
  • There will be a standing start with Soap Boxes lined up in grid positions
  • Your starting position will be determined by a lottery conducted on the day
  • Those who submitted as an elite entry, completing the course in less than 10 minutes, will be positioned at the back of the grid via lottery once all other competitors have drawn a starting position.
  • A team consists of two people only, one pushing and one driving/steering
  • The pushing/driving position can be swapped multiple times at any point during the race. The vehicle must be stopped when this is done and not in a position, which blocks the way for other teams
  • No back up teams allowed
  • Competitors must be ready to race by 13:00
  • Minimum age in adult race is 16 years
  • Head protection is advised
  • All participants enter the race at their own risk
  • All participants are encouraged to wear fancy dress
  • All participants must stick to the given route (as per map)
  • All participants MUST wear their team number on their chest – clearly visible
  • All participants are responsible for their own safety and their team member’s. They are responsible for their vehicles at all times and must be aware of other people and vehicles on the route
  • There will be awards for Best Fancy Dress, Best Soap Box Construction, Race Winners and Runners Up

These rules are in addition to the General Rules.