Exclusive Interview with Clive Bartram up this weekend!

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We are very sorry to report that this video is not currently available, and are contacting the original owners to make it available again.

We have lots more to share here. Tomorrow I am conducting a one to one video interview with Soap Box Derby event creator and organiser Clive Bartram. In the video I will ask questions such as…

  • Where did the idea come from?
  • How much was raised?
  • What plans are there for next year?
  • What makes a great kart?
  • Favourite moment?
  • What about that giant tractor?

We will also get a reminder on the full event standings, including all team names and finishing places, awards such as the constructors awards and fancy dress awards. So, tune in over the weekend, and enjoy the show. I would like to remind all visitors that if you have any photos from the day that you would like shared on this website, please email them to me at peterbruce2002@hotmail.com

Thank you!