The total is in!

The total is in!

Over 2021 and 2022 we raised £12,254.82 for Cancer Research UK.

This brings the total amount of money raised since the very first derby was held in 2013 to over £74,000!

Our representative from Cancer Research UK, Gill Burgess had these words to share:

“Cancer Research UK relies on support and donations from the public in order to fund our life-saving work. Thanks to these donations, we are able to fund research into every type of cancer. As a result of research, cancer survival rates have doubled in the last 40 years, increasing from 1 in 4 people surviving a cancer diagnosis in the 1970s, to 2 in 4 surviving today. With further research, we aim to reach 3 in 4 people surviving cancer by 2034.

Our work in Cambridge is at the heart of this progress, in particular the ground-breaking research into early cancer. If we can understand more about the earliest stages, and diagnose more at this stage, we can treat more people more effectively and ensure better outcomes for more cancer patients.

To give an example, around 9,100 people are diagnosed with oesophageal cancer each year in the UK. A big challenge with this type of cancer is that many people don’t realise there’s a problem until they start to have trouble swallowing. Often, these symptoms aren’t recognisable until a later stage in the disease.

Our scientists in Cambridge developed the Cytosponge ‘sponge-on-a-string’ test, a less invasive ways to diagnose Barrett’s oesophagus. This condition increases someone’s risk of developing oesophageal cancer. The BEST3 trial is testing if the Cytosponge is a good way to find Barrett’s when it is used in GP practices. This could provide an alternative to invasive endoscopy.

But none of this is possible without funding, and that’s where Duxford Soap Box Derby comes in, raising vital funds for this work to continue, helping more people get an earlier diagnosis to beat cancer and keep more families together for longer.

On behalf of Cancer Research UK, I would like to sincerely thank everyone involved with this year’s event - your fundraising is saving lives.”

We are already thinking ahead to next year’s 10th anniversary race and we hope to make it the best Duxford Soap Box derby yet! If you would like to get involved in helping us organise the event please do get in touch using our contact page.