A word from the Editor

Dear all 2000 plus visitors to this website


Thank you dearly for your support over last weekend and since. I thoroughly appreciate and am humbled by the sheer number of visitors to this page, as well as the velocity at which those numbers have been reached.

As Clive’s step-son, I have been involved (or at least certainly aware) of the idea of a Soap Box Derby since the first moment it came into his head, and it has been a true joy to help however I could - from creating the course map, setting up this website, filming on the day, helping to build the Team Horsepower kart (mostly painting bronze Hammerite all over it, and myself) to donating that cardboard f1 car (plus cinema tickets) for the auction.

I have already begun to think up crazy kart designs for next year, though the concept of practicality is something my imagination cannot seem to grasp. Heres a tip for all wannabe racers planning to build a kart for next year - get someone with some skills to help. I may be good making cars from cardboard, but with wood and metal? I’m not sure.

This website may go a tad quiet between now and next years event, but it will still be here, reminding us all of how fantastic that day was. This is Peter Bruce, signing off.

p.s. I am still able and VERY MUCH willing to keep posting photos and videos from the event, so please do send them in if you haven’t already! Photos from any and all members of the Duxford community are encouraged.