Race day road closures

Race day road closures

Roads along the race route will be closed to ensure competitor and spectators safety.

The Duxford Soap Box Derby takes place two weeks today. Roads in Duxford will be closed between 11.30 am and 2 pm on Sunday 4th September while the racing take places.Please see the route map for full details of the route and which roads will be closed.

We would like to politely ask village residents that live along the race route if they could consider not parking their cars on the road for the duration of the race.

For spectators that are driving to the village to watch the race we have an event car park available at Welch’s transport depot on Moorfield road. Disabled parking is also available on a first come first served basis at the Community centre located just off Hunts Road. Parking is free of charge, as is attendance of the derby, however this is a charity event so if you see one of our volunteers wandering around with a donation bucket please consider dropping a pound or two in!

We hope to see many of you out to support the Soap Box Derby races and to help us raise money for Cancer Research UK.