Couch to Soap Box Derby - Running Tips

Going from your sofa to running

Couch to 5k is a well respected and proven 9 week plan for beginners to go from no running at all to being capable of running for 30 plus minutes and well on your way to running a full 5km. If you start the plan on the 1st of August you’ll be running 25 minutes without stopping by the 5th September. That’s more than enough time to finish our adult’s route.

General tips for running safely

  • Tell someone that you’re going out and how long you’ll be
  • Take a mobile phone with you
  • Always wear clothing that you will be comfortable in
    • Avoid wearing cotton tops and similar as they can rub
    • Your clothing should be appropriate for the weather
    • Always wear a pair of comfortable & good running shoes
  • Be aware of weather conditions
    • If the weather is poor (raining or windy) be aware of slippier surfaces
    • If the weather is hot then avoid running in the heat of the day & take fluids if you think you’ll need them
  • If you feel a pain or twinge then stop right away
  • Observe the highway code at all times
  • As a runner it is your responsibility to overtake as you are a faster person
  • If buying new equipment online make sure to check reviews or buy them from a local reputable retailer