Couch to Soap Box Derby

A new challenge in Duxford!

Enter as a participant

Couch to Soap Box Derby would be nothing without runners, joggers and walkers. Please take a look at our registration page and also take the time to familarise yourselves with the rules of participation.

You can find information on the two routes available to run on this site and also check out the adult route and children’s route on Strava.

Once signed up for the event, you can also join our Strava C2SBD Club (by invitation only)!

We have two prizes on offer. The person who runs the adult route the greatest number of times will win a pair of Aftershokz Air bone conductive headphones. The person who runs the children’s route the greatest number of times will win a £15 Amazon voucher.


By entering Couch to Soap Box Derby you’re already helping Cancer Research UK keep developing new treatments and funding new research. Whatever your reasons are for joining. However if you want to help raise additional funds you can always ask people to sponsor your efforts. You can choose to fundraise however you like, but the easiest way is to use Cancer Research UK’s Giving Pages and joining up with the 2021 Soap Box Derby fundraising team! More details are available on our dedicated fundraising page.

Enter a time

The 2018 podium

If you’ve already registered you can enter a time on our Couch to Soap Box Derby form.

See the live results

You can find the 2021 results on our dedicated page. The results are updated periodically each day of Couch to Soap Box Derby so if your time hasn’t shown up yet don’t worry. It will do.

About Couch to Soap Box Derby

Couch to Soap Box Derby is a new event in Duxford in support of Cancer Research UK. After taking the hard decision to cancel this year’s soap box derby, we wanted to run an event that captures the spirit of the derby but without the challenges that hosting the derby posed. Starting the 1st of August through to the 5th September, we want you to run the soap box derby route! The whole 1.4 miles (or 2.2km if you work in metric). Just so the younger ones don’t miss out, we have designed a shorter off-road route specifically for children.

Once you’ve got your breath back you’ll want to log onto our online form and submit your time.

This website will track your times, tell you how many times you’ve run the route and say what are the fastest times overall.

The 2021 Couch to Soap Box Derby

Entry to Couch to Soap Box Derby costs £10 per adult and £5 per child. All proceeds of “Couch to Soap Box Derby” will go to supporting Cancer Research UK and their valuable work. Whoever runs the derby route the greatest number of times will win a pair of Aftershokz Air headphones. Whoever runs the children’s route the most will win a £15 Amazon voucher.

Maybe you’ve always watched the derby and thought I could do that, but you have never quite got around to building your own soap box cart? Maybe you’ve never run more than 100 yards in your life? Maybe you want to get fit after lockdown? Or you did get fit and want to show off! Well here’s the excuse to put those trainers on, get out there and pound the mean pavements of Duxford. Why not challenge yourself and get sponsorship? Fancy dress is entirely optional, but who wouldn’t be cheered up to see Batman and Robin or a Minion running past their house on a random Tuesday evening (other evenings and times are available).

Getting into running?

The Soap Box Derby route is a fantastic way to get into running and is nearly as flat a course as you could ever hope for. The entire route can be run on pavements as well. Maybe you’ve seen our posters and think “I can’t do that”. Well you are wrong! You can. We’ve put together a set of recommendations together about how to get into running and our top tips about how to run safely. So get reading and get out there.